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Région Sud

Workshop n° 4 - September 2018 the 25th

Develop new recovery centres

How to promote re-employment in the waste centers ?

Reemployment structures in France (ADEME study November 2017)

760 SSE structures and Charities representing:
21,000 FTES
209,000 T of goods reused or reused
370 million € of turnover
The actors of the conventional economy represent:
13,000 FTES
802,000 T of goods reused or reused
1,170 million € of turnover
The online sales platform (imprecise estimate):
400,000 T reused or reused
The depots selling second-hand goods:
380,000 T reused


Over Region SUD ( SINOE ARR 2016)

446 re-employment and repair structures, including:
17 Resourceries
270 FTES
3,035 T of real estate used
59% in ACI, 24% Association, the rest in EI or managed with EPCI
Charities, Foundations
267 companies, shops and craftsmen
Second-hand goods, sales depots
And then:
Attic spaces, websites
304 waste collection centres in the Region but no statistics on the presence of PAV or reuse area.