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To subscribe to news feeds, add the following url to your RSS reader :




What is the RSS feed?

RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) or simplified content syndication :

RSS is a way of presenting the information of a website or any other source of content on the Internet in a simplified and standardized way.

Indeed, all websites use different layouts. RSS allows you to get rid of this secondary information to focus on the content.

With the help of aggregators - these are software that can read these standardized contents in RSS format - you have faster and easier access to information. For this, you must subscribe to an RSS feed.


Reading modes - operation

With your web browser

Version 7 and higher Internet Explorer allows you to display rss feeds directly in your favorites.
When a site offers RSS feeds, the Feed button changes color and a sound is emitted.
All available feeds are automatically displayed in the browser's RSS drop-down menu. Then simply click on one of the feeds to subscribe to it. To view it later, click on the "Favorites Center" button, then on "Feed".
This feature is not available on previous versions of this browser.
Mozilla's Firefox browser also allows you to read RSS feeds directly.
An RSS logo appears in the address bar if you are on a site that offers a feed. Simply click on it and save the feed in your bookmarks (favorites) to view it later.
The Opera browser does not have a directly integrated RSS functionality but offers small, ready-made information modules (widgets).
On Apple computers, the Safari browser also allows you to read these RSS feeds directly. The feeds then appear in the Bookmarks - Favorites folder.

On customizable web portals

More and more portals offer you the possibility to customize a page and integrate automatically or manually the information flows that interest you. This page becomes your personal site composed of automatically updated information blocks.
These portals do not require registration because they work with cookies: each time you return to the site with the same web browser, it displays the page as you customized it.
Here are two very easy to access sites*:


Click on the "add a feed" link at the top of the left column and add the feed url.
The list of news links or agendas on the City's website appears in the central part at the top left. If you want to display more links, click on "edit" in the upper right-hand corner of the box containing the feed and change the "number of elements" box. You can also check the "detailed display" box below.
Each time you return to the netvibes website with the same browser, it will display the page as you just set it, using cookies.

Customized Google Home

Click on "add modules" in the upper right corner above the modules. Then click on the "add url" link at the top right of the "content search" button.
Paste the url of the feed and click on "add" The list of news links and agendas of the site of the city of Chartres appears at the top of your google home page.
By clicking on "edit" you can display more news.
By clicking on the "+" sign to the left of each current link, you can access its summary.
Non-exhaustive list given for information only. The city of Chartres has no connection with these companies.

With an RSS reader

Mozilla Thunderbird

This messaging software allows you to read your feeds directly, even offline.
You receive as many emails as there are links in your feed.
After downloading Thunderbird, click on the File/New/New/New Account menu and then on "new rss and blogs".
Give a name to this account (e. g. "rss feed") and click on "finish".
To add a feed, right-click on the name of your RSS account in the "folders" column and click on "manage subscriptions" and then "add". Paste the url of the feed