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Région Sud

Concrete Actions

The LIFE IP Smart Waste project formally started in January 2018. During a first phase, some 100 concrete operations will be launched by the partners, then the project team of the Region will formalize the launch of two calls for projects aimed at other associated beneficiaries: exemplary territories and economic actors. An Eductour (program of visits aimed at reinforcing knowledge and coordination between all the project's stakeholders) will be launched at the beginning of the project and renewed during 2022 for decision-makers and technicians, with a view to exchanging best practices and skills upgrading of the waste sector actors. In order to enrich this regional dynamic, the project foresees the animation of 12 annual workshops around 6 priority themes related to the operations to be implemented.


Strengthen public awareness

Terre de Provence - Autocollants bacs collectifs

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Optimise recycling centres

Pays de Fayence - Réhabilitation de la déchèterie de Tourrettes

Download (pdf - 199 KB)

Optimise recycling centres

Syndicat Mixte du Haut Var - Réhabilitation de la déchèterie de Saint…

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Optimise recycling centres

Syndicat Mixte de la Zone du Verdon

Download (pdf - 690 KB)

Study new solutions

SITTOMAT - Etude de faisabilité d’un centre de tri haute performance…

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Develop individual composting in semi-urban territories

SITTOMAT - Distribution de 3000 poulaillers

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Develop new recovery centres

Métropole Toulon Provence Méditerranée - Etude de faisabilité pour la…

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Study new solutions

Arles Crau Camargue Montagnette - Etude sur les impacts et opportunités…

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Optimise selective collection

Pays de Fayence - Développement des points de regroupement

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Develop collective composting sites Strengthen skills

Métropole Aix Marseille Provence - Formation des ambassadeurs du tri

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